Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Celebrity Stupidity!

Brittany Spears as if the child did not cause enought gossip to herself, you know losing the case against Kevin, her drug problem, her comeback album, now we find out she's making at least $740,000 a MONTH and not saving a red cent for her future or her childrens! I mean come on what could you possibly be spending on that you couldn't at least put some away for your retirment and children? WOW what a winner let me tell you!, I knew from the get go though when she first came out, when she became big and blew up in the industry/celebrity status she would turn out to be a loser, and yes that is what she is, I support noone who doesn't support there children, that is the best gift you could ever recieve, yup better than what she makes a month, I said it , and I mean it, althought it would be nice to make that money a month....LOL..

Seriously Brittany your a mess and you really need to grow up and a BIG FAT reality check!

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