Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New up and Coming Website

Good Morning,
Theres a new up and coming website that is going to be doing it BIG, check it out and show the creator some support!

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

This is screwed up.....lol....

Want to know why you haven't heard from me in a while? lol your going to laugh......I was having my readers subscribe to this rss feed , without updating my new website feed address, wow what a total re- am I? ok this is the last time I will need a favor from you all, go to www.thebloggingbeauty.com , and subscribe from there, I have been posting things on it and wondering why the heck is no one reading...then I realized i did something wrong....anyway Thanks for being loyal, and go ahead and read my recent post, and and please don't mind the layout, i know its a mess, its work in progress, oh and one more thing, you will not be receiving updates from this site anymore once you subscribe again from www.thebloggingbeauty.com I am going to delete this feed as well as website so I dont confuse myself, because lately I have been having alot of blonde moments, and please don't get mad if your blonde, not saying your stupid, just some are kind of ditzy

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I DID IT!!!!

Hey my lovely readers, I finally did it, I moved to worpress, well actually I have my own domain...yay...so happpy..I havent posted anything lately because it still needs work, but tonight im going to start posting things, and working on the site a little bit more, please subscribe to the new blog, (just click on the rss feed button) you know what it looks like.

Anyway It's a happy day for me, I feel I accomplished something very big...

The Blogging Beauty <~~ is now live!

Please send me any feedback on the site, and I dont want to lose you all as readers, and if you have a blog please go the the contact page, and fill out the form so I can link your blog or website from mine . (im still working on my links page.)

Thank You all,

The Blogging Beauty

Tuesday, March 11, 2008



I will be moving my blog from blogger to wordpress, please bear with me in this process.

Thank You,

Blogging Beauty

Fashion Time Magazine Online

I came across this website by the editor himself, thanks Mister Ghost, the site is great by the way.

Fashion Time Magazine Online

Any who, its very well put together, its written predominately by women. The publisher Kamola Navo -- Navo is a Farsi word meaning "with pure melody" , is an award winning journalist from Tashkent, Uzbekistan who specializes in women's issues and fashion.

The great thing about this site, besides all the great information, celebrity gossip, what to wear, and outfit ideas, is the places to shop...WOW they have a long list, and I though I knew something, not only that but they have other fabulous blogs from around the world on your favorite subject FASHION.

I strongly suggest checking them out, I actually love everything about this site. Its up and coming , so be one of the first to join this growing community!

-The Blogging Beauty

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Im Alive.

Hey Everyone,

I am sorry I havent been on here for a while, school, work and kids, had been stressful lately, not to mention I just had a death in the family, which I came back from Miami on Sunday. Please excuse me. It will take me a couple of days to compile some really great articles, and deals and steals, and some juicy gossip, along with a couple of real - life situations. I love that you all have been hanging in there with me, I know my blog seems kind of dull at the moment, but please bare with me, and I appreciate the readers that have stuck with me from the start.

-The Blogging Beauty

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Trendy Candy Colored Dresses.

The soon to be in thing...if its not already, and really to me, I've always liked bright colors, which goes great with a tan complection, (any color does) , but anywho the new style I keep seeing more and more of, especially in sunny Miami is brights, so I have picked out a couple of cute dresses, (because dreeses is a spring / summer must have.


Im a freak for pink, especially hot pink, so when I saw this dress you know it was love at first sight. To me at least. They also have this is a vibrant sky blue color., you also can never go wrong with a yellow, which is probably the brightest out of bright colors you could wear.
Dresses from left to right : Spendid Tank Dress, Black Halo Detailed Bodice Dress in Marine Blue Black Halo Detailed Bodice Dress in Hot Pink. Silly note: The 3 colors above are colors that if you add black can make any color with the right parts. CMYK = Cyan , Magenta, Yellow, Kohl with those colors printers can print any color from them. Not in anyway imporant but thought I'de add something goofy but real in there.