Monday, November 12, 2007

H&M...Last Week

Ok I know this is so last week news but I had to write about this, so H&M just launched Roberto Cavalli Nov. 8th, and how beautiful are the clothes!! I love H&M but the only thing that makes me so so so very upset is , now that I have moved to Texas there is no H&M here. I guess I should have picked a place to moved based on where they have the stores. lol. Its silly but true. Have you ever been to that store? Very affordable and great designers! This is not happy news for that they brung Roberto Cavalli line on and I cannot purchase anything unless I go to Chicago or somewhere near to me.! , and they dont even have an online store, (well duh) So although I am happy for H&M I'm somewhat sad for myself...LOL.. Oh well I guess I will just have to wait until 2010 when H&M opens up in Texas. (Yes I did call and ask)

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