Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Perfect Xmas Present!

Lots of people have no idea what to get others for Christmas, there scared they wont like it, to small, not the right color, so this makes shopping for us misareble and frustrating. I founf the perfect solution, although its been around for a while, never like this, and I mean they are soooooo cute, many designs to choose from, for him, her, kids, grandparents, mom, dad, so many to choose from, Yeah I know it didnt take any thought in the present but honestly, some people won't tell you that they really didn't like you gift, so better to be safe then sorry.
So its a gift card, but you personalize it yourself, (so there was a little thought in this)
I have added some examples so you know exactly what Im talking about.

These are for her, of course, and Im getting the pink pumps for all my girlfriends, how cute is that? You can get them by any ocassion, birthday, anniversary, baby shower, etc.

And of course here are the X-mas cards, which they have so many more designs to choose from.

I saw this and had to tell everyone, even if you dont use it for X-mas, you can use it for so many other things, just check out the site for yourself. GiftCardLab

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kelsey Quan said...

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