Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wear Your Real Size!

I have to really vent about this problem, because next time I'll probably yell about it in the store.

How many times do you go out and find something you really like, that you must have , and are prepared to buy it BUT they don't have your size? This is a very big problem for me lately.

I don't understand why females do this, its quite annoyging. I mean why are you trying to put your size large ass in a size small pants, or Blouse, or panties, or shoes even??? goodness.... Please explain?

I know you all want to be a small, and all you have to do to do this is workout if thats the case. Im not trying to get down on anyone, or call anyone names BUT why would you want something so tiny on you anyway, does it make you feel good? Because I know if I was a large then I sure as hell would not be putting on any size that im not, because I wont be able to breath, and quite frankly its going to look very ridiculous and sloppy!

Please bigger sized people do not take this offensive, especially if it does not pertain to you, your the smart ones....BIG is beautiful, as well as any shape, because its all about whats within, and for the ones that do it...please STOP , it just looks like your trying to hard to fit in, and I mean that in more ways than one....literally.....

-The Blogging Beauty

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