Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What to do in Houston Texas?

OMG I have been here for about a year now, and coming from Miami, its kind of hard to enjoy myself down here in because the scene's are totally different. I do not go anywhere...ahhh.. I don't or shall I say I haven't met anyone worth going out with, and I'm talking about man wise, and female wise, as a friend...its soooo different than Miami....Houston is like no play , not really fashionable, people speak very very country, they are so nice (nothing wrong with that part) . I need to really get out, I'm either going to have to take a trip somewhere, which I really dont want to do , because that's going to mean spending more money. I have to get out, I have school, work, children , so many ideas running through my head and I need the biggest break, I need some kind of social life. I mean my ex lives here (children's father) but we don't go out and stuff, he's also in the same position (no social life). People wonder why I'm broke because I'm always shopping at the mall, and I really can't stand the mall but yeah Houston lacks boutiques, I found a couple but eh whatever...lol...And on top of all that they have no H&M here.....wtf....this is ridiculous !

So people of Houston, I am not trying to down your city, although it does seem that way, but please explain to what there is to do here besides a damn BAR.

- The Blogging Beauty

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