Monday, November 19, 2007

Beyonce & Sugarland @ AMA's 2007

They were right when they said "you'll definitely be talking about this tomrrow"Ok So Im not so fond of beyonce, eww, no, just things about her, shes not orginal in anything to me, and her voice is quite annoying , but last night she managed to win The International Artist Award of Excellence , which is really cool, I mean okay just because I'm not so fond of her doesn't mean other people aren't, but my questions is do you think she derserved it? I mean there are many other people (alicia keyz) whose performance by the way was so hot, who should have received it, versus beyonce, oh well, so then check it did you hear the "remix" Irreplaceable by Sugarland & Beyonce? OMG are you kidding me? talk about my ears bleeding, that was the worst sound ever, I know country music fans loved it though, but OH MY GOODNESS did they really have to do that? , and Beyonce, wow how animated was she since dreamgirls, hmm I wonder if its because Jennifer Hudson taught her something, seeing she came out the bigger star in Dreamgirls!

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