Monday, November 19, 2007

The art of Shaving

The Perfect Shave collection from Myriam Zaoui promises optimal shaving results for legs, bikini and under arms. This collection of products, accessories, and expert techniques is designed especially for women. It finally launched this fall after three years of research and development, which means its perfect! There is a four-step process that is sure to save you some unwanted pain! First you prepare the area with the Pre-Shave Oil, which protects the skin and softens the hair for easier removal. Second you lather up with the Shaving Cream and badger-hair Shaving Brush. Third you shave with a good sharp razor and proper technique. Finally you apply the After Shave Body Milk to replenish the moisture in your skin. The products are all paraben-free and don’t contain any ingredients that are harmful to the skin once absorbed. These calming products relieve and prevent any shaving discomforts. As a certified aroma therapist, Myriam has the perfect background for this product formulation, combining the therapeutic properties of rose essential oil to be both soothing to the skin as well as soothing to the mantra. The collection also has products to prevent ingrown hairs, nicks and cuts as well as razor burn! This four-step process is sure to save you some unwanted pain, so… prepare, lather up, shave, and moisturize!

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