Monday, November 26, 2007

Britney wants to Adopt Chinese Twins!

Are you serious? This child cannot even manage to take care of the two biological kids she has , and now she wants to adopt chinese twins?? What a freakin joke. , If she couldn't cut it as a parent to her own children what makes her think its any different adopting??

Sources say " Britney has three supervised visits with Sean and Jayden a week, she is now desperate to fill the void in her life since she lost the boys and believes opening her home to disadvantaged youngsters will give her life new purpose"

Come on now people, I can see if you took care of your own kids and wanted to help less fortunate kids , that understandable, but in this case NOT. To fill the void she needs to be a better parent for her own kids first, spend time with them, and things like that, I just could not believe it when I heard this, what will her kids think when they are older? Mommy couldn't take care of us but she could take care of other kids? How fair is that, and I'm all for the adoption deal but not for her, not right now, and its like adopting has turned into a fad these days, are people really doing it because they care or are they just doing it to seem like a good person..hmmm

What are your thoughts???

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