Monday, November 19, 2007

Brittany Spears The Bootlegger!

You would think that having so much money, and not spending it on what you should be (your kids) you go and bootleg from Louis Vuitton! LOL WOW, you got money for the hummer, but you don't have money for a REAL Luis Vuitton hologram? Come on now, what sense is that...let me take that back, Brittany has no sense!!! The story read below.....

PARIS - Luxury goods maker Louis Vuitton has won a lawsuit accusing Britney Spears of violating counterfeiting laws by showcasing a pink Vuitton-upholstered dashboard in a music video. A Paris civil court ordered Sony BMG and MTV Online to stop broadcasting or marketing the video for "Do Something" in any form and fined them $117,000 apiece, a spokeswoman for Paris-based Louis Vuitton said Monday. The ruling was handed down last week. In the opening scenes of the clip, Spears appears in the driver's seat of a hot pink Hummer floating on make-believe clouds. One shot shows fingers drumming on a dashboard covered with what looks like Vuitton's "Cherry Blossoms" design: dark pink blossoms on a pale pink, weblike background, embossed with the "LV" logo.

The court did not find Spears guilty but ruled Sony BMG and MTV Online were guilty of violating counterfeiting laws. The ruling said the video constituted an "attack" on Louis Vuitton's brands and its luxury image, the spokeswoman said.
She spoke on condition of anonymity. It was not immediately clear how the ban would be enforced or whether the companies would appeal. MTV declined comment on the ruling. Sony BMG did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The video was still on YouTube and other music websites visible in France on Monday. On a few sites, however, links to the video led to a blank screen, or one reading: "This video is no longer available."
Louis Vuitton, whose signature handbags are a prime target of counterfeiters worldwide, has fought vigorously through French and other courts to protect its trademark goods.

Article Source: Canadian Press
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