Monday, November 19, 2007

I Love New York Season 2 . . . Did You See That! WHOAA

Omg.. I couldn't believe this episode, where chance came back, ok first off let me star off by saying how cute NY looked on this episode, loved the outfit! Okay so down to business, I was shocked when I saw Tailor Made's did she come from and how the hell did they end up together, although I do not think Tailer Made is cute , they don't look like a "couple" there daughter is soooo pretty though....hmm I guess what they say is true, not so good looking people make good looking kids, Real & Chance are nuts they made Tailor Made feel like the punk he is, Im glad they kept putting him on the spot! Ok now the Entertainer..hmmm...he's a cutie, but he lives with his parent?? are you serious? like dude how old are you seriously, well that just tells me hes a loser, what a waste on good looks!

CHANCE....hhhh...Chance always has to start with someone , Punk says he's never failed a test , well buddy you failed that one! I mean being educated as he is you would think he would have some common sense to go along with his brain , and be the better person, and juss let Chance , like always make a fool of himself, I mean really why does he (chance) act like that , he has no class what so ever , and Punk should have juss let him run his mouth , because we all know who the real PUNK is (chance.) New York says Chance is sexy, but there is nothing sexy about his skronny a** and his gap havin' self! Is NY really threw with Chance though? I hope so for her own good!

I really want to know what was going on with Pretty though, was he going to tell her he was gay? wtf did he have to come clean about....ugggh I hate when they leave us in the dark!

and sister Patterson, gotta love's a drama queen herself, always instigating something!

stay tuned....until next week monday's new episode, can't wait to see who's leaving!

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