Thursday, November 15, 2007

Does Paris Want To Be Like Posh?

Although I really can't stand Victoria Beckham, juss because looking at her pictures, she poses the same everytime, I really don't think she is that attractive, she looks like she has a constant attitude!, Has anyone seen this woman smile? Maybe Im not reading enough celeb magazines....anywho, I was browsing the web doing my daily celeb reasearch , and stumbled across TrendSpy , and her article on Paris vs. Posh had me interested..I know Paris wanted to be friends with VB, and she declined, and so much more drama with them, Paris really just wants the attention from David, and wants to be with David, How many friends boyfriends has she slept with , or attempted to snatch away? I might be wrong, oh well thats why this is called gossip, but onto the matter at hand, I think Paris is going to far with this one, cutting her hair like VB, and dressing similiar to her attire....ewwww so not the look for Paris, maybe the look suits VB better , because it goes with her, but Paris NO! Tell me what you all think about that!

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