Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Shop Intuition Sale! Wow!

Shop Intuiton is having an awesome sale I mean look at that cute Black Halo Pleated starpless dress, in black & white, howclassy is that? Love it, absolutley love it, on sale from $290.00 to now 145.00, jump on it before there is no more, and check out the mini pleated tiered dresses, ahh looks so comfortable to wear around the house, or even dress it up and step out of the house to go to the book store, or relax at starbucks in the patio, or maybe just wear it to the mall, whatever you do purchase it I mean its $24.99 for goodness sakes down from $81.00. check out the flirty look and colors. yummm. (makes me thnk of popsicles, well except for the black & , Okay so they are having an awesome sale on shoes, accessories, jeans, dresses, and so much more. So what are you waiting for go , do what we woman do best....GO SHOPPING !

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