Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I love it!

I love the fact that they have so many cool things for moms, and being somewhat of a new mom (daughters age 2&3) its so neat that I find stuff daily on mothering and stuff for moms. Im glad other woman out there are proud to be a mom just as I am, Unlike some people who I don't want to discuss (Brittany Spears) So I am a subcriber to , and everyone that is a member already knows they send you cool emails with hip and trendy things for moms, so today I recieved and email from them with a couple of cool things , and the main thing that caught my eye, (well there was 2 things) 1 was this really cool place to get t-shirts for proud , trendy moms, which also celebs have purchased is this site called Promomcouture . The shirts are soooooooo cute, and they were also featured on the Oprah show last week (news to me now).

I am so going to purchase a couple, and if your a proud mom I think you should too, not that you need a shirt to prove you a proud mom, but as mothers lets make a fashion statement, and continue the fashion trend for moms! Okay so the 2nd thing was selling your breast milk...would you do it or not, go to there site and vote. I chose NOT, although some children lack the nutrients in breast milk , because of reasons beyond control, I don't think its very sanitary thing to do, especially if it's coming from someone else's breast. Hmm kind of like blood, I understand we need it and we can share it but some things aren't for sharing. Breast milk is one of them., to me at least. Let me know what you think.

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