Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sexiest Men Alive 2007

Okay People has annouced the 2007 Sexiest Men Alive, and I just want to ask who the hell gets to pick the guys?, and what are they going off of looks, sex appeal, brains, money...what? I say this because the list is WACK! I mean come on personally I think more than half of those men need not be on there, and dont say its because Im young, because George Clooney is so fiine, of course one of my favorites made the list which I am happy about, but really he wins everytime, because he is really sexy, and yes I am speaking about Johnny Depp, who doesn't love this man? Well the list was kind of disappointing, which madens me but oh well. So tell me what you all think do you agree with the list or not?

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