Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I LOVE NY Final Episode!

Ok So I know I haven't written in a while, almost a month, Im soooo sorry, but school is around the corner, and so is Xmas which you know how that takes up time, not to mention my two little girls....ahhhh..I haven't even been able to sleep my full 6 hours a day. Oh well , so If anyone saw I love NY 2 last night how suprising was it when she picked Tailor Made??? I really thought she was going to pick Boodah, I was 100% sure she was. Wow Tailor Made though? I do not think it is going to last at all! he's to wimpy for her, and he to me just wants to be spoiled by her, as he said in a previous episode, which sorry she's so not going to spoil that man. But hey Good luck to her and Tailor Made, because an I LOVE NY 3 is going to be played out already. Hopefully Tiffany (NY) will start to do others things with her acting career besides lame reality tv shows. But hey when there is nothing on to watch and you dont have a good book to read, and your completely broke because you just bought that expensive Fendi bag, that you knew you should have but had to get it, what better thing to do then watch a drama tv reality show!


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