Monday, December 3, 2007

I'm Tired Of Shopping!!

OMG , I am so tired of shopping, (I never thought I would say that) I have been shopping since late Friday night....OH MY GOODNESS what a mission, I got a couple of things for my daughters at Toys R us, and Wal-Mart, and I'm a little bit dissapointed at Toys R Us because Wal-Mart had so much more of a selection for toys, and had better toys, I thought Toys-R-Us was the toy store giant, well not anymore, and the don't have FAO Schwarz here in Houston, not that I have seen, so it was quite hard to find cool toys for the girls, I did get them however a million pairs of clothes (it looks like a million) lol, children have more clothes than then Saturday, I went to probably every mall in Houston, they lack boutiques which sucks so I had no choice....How annoying...... The Galleria is the only place I like to shop...So anyway I didnt really find anything in almost any mall, (how troubling) , I did however find some cute pants in Sak's, which Im so going back to buy them , after I buy for everyone on my list. So Sunday I went back to this mall, because my mom needed to find something for her boyfriend for his bday, which is the day after mine, and the same day as my husband's (she's going to be broke), and my mother is so undecisive, man I thought I was , I see where I get it from. Ok so the moral of the story hate shopping as of Sunday night because I did not achieve anything besides my kids stuff, and working out (walking in every mall) what am I going to do!

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