Thursday, November 29, 2007

What To Wear For Your Christmas Party!

I absolutley love this outfit and I think its my personal winner, so I had to put it first! you can find this outfit and many other cute one's at StandardStyle . The only problem is we have to find a jacket to go with this particular outfit. OH GOSH what a mission that's going to be!

This outfit is cute & trendy but needs more color, I figured this one because I can still look cute and be comfortable, versus wearing a dress, I would so have to acessorize with red, hmm how to go about this, maybe a red peacoat, yeahhhh. You can purchase this outfit and many others at Arden B , make sure to check their sales.

Green....Do I really want to go with green for the party and be different or do I want to play it safe with the regular black and red, they do have other colors though , this is a thought, and I do like the dress, I dont think whith those fishnets though, hmm, its a thought. This could be purchased at Bebe.

I'm not really found of this outfit only because of the frills around the top of it, BUT I figured someone would like it, hey just because I dont doesnt me you wont. But then again we all know Betsy Johnson has a wild side when designing her clothing. This can be purchased at Vibe The Boutique , under dresses.

Here we go with green again, but you know what, this is so much cuter than the top one, by far, ewww why did I post the top green outfit again? Oh yeah someone will like it. Resembles the red one I like. This can be purchased at Pink Mascara.
OUCH what a headache, and Im not even done browsing, those caught my eye , and are afforable at the moment, if you have any other ideas post as a comment, and let everyone see it!
I really think I'm going to go for the top red outfit. Yea I will!


Melissa said...

LOVE IT!!! love the dark green top you posted with the black neck line!!!

p.s - they don't have a Vero Moda in that states at all??? There stuff is gorgeous and seriously a really good price!!! You definetly need to stop by their store if you come to Toronto =)

WendyB said...

I like the last look best.

sob619 said... has some great prom dresses that can be used for x-mas parties or a night on the town.