Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Power of Positive Thinking

Hey everyone, I want to take the time out right now from all the gossip, and the fashion...(I cant believe I said that) No serious stuff here, the reason why I have no been in my blog on a daily basis is well, yeah my kids, two school, and 3 because I am reading a very wonderful book called "The Power of Positive Thinking" By: Norman Vincent Peale.

Of course everyone has problems in there life, has a bad attitude, can be very negative, and just does not care about life period, because they feel down in the dumps...Well I'm here to tell you I have ...excuse me ...HAD a couple of those problems, until I decided to read a book outside of what I usually read, you know my whole Chit LIT books, and drama. Well after reading my first chapter in this book , I can and will say it changed me alot, and reading into it more, and changed me even more, because I had an open mind reading the book and really concentrated, about what was being taught, in this self help book.


Don't get me wrong I didn't completely do an entire 360 in my life but alot of things I have changed because of this book, and well because it has taught me to taker a higher power GOD , not that I didn't believe in GOD before , because i strongly do,he has blessed me in many things, and I see this , and I'm very thankful for it. Everyone and anyone should read this book, mothers, fathers, tachers, students, singles, EVERYONE, read it and see what it does for you, and if you know someone who has many problems then buy a copy or lend them yours, I make a promise to you, if you read this book, something will change about you...

What has changed about me has been my attitude, I blow up at anything that annoys, I have no patience , I am very short tempered, I want everything NOW or I get really upset, I have alot of great ideas but sometimes feel like I will never accomplish it, and I can be very very negative. After reading this book... I have way more patience than I did before, my temper...well everyone will get mad sometime or another...but I have controlled mine so much, everyone is shocked that I don't get mad like I used to, My ideas well Im not giving up on what I want to do in life, for me and for MY children, I am going to stick with it. Last but not least my attitude & negativity...well hmm, what is that again? I am such a strong positive person, and my attitude well it still needs work, but barely now. With this book and the BIBLE I will....I AM...going to do everything and anything my heart desires.

I thought I would share this with you , because I have no idea how readers...carry on in life, and what your life is about...and well sometimes you need to know that people do care although not knowing you, so that's why I decided to tell you all a little bit about this book, and how IT CAN change you, for the better as well as having Faith in GOD.

I know some of you might be shocked by this post because of all the fashion, and gossip, and just the way I speak on my blog, about certain things and certain people, but my eyes have been opened not to be a superficial B****, who just cares about herself...well my kids too...who thinks shes better than everyone else, and happened to be very materialistic. Not anymore...don't get me wrong, I'll still be

Anyways readers I hope this has given you some kind of feeling of wanting to grab this really great book, to better yourself, and life.

If anyone has read this book, then please leave your comments on how you enjoyed it, or maybe you dint enjoy it. But let other people hear about what you felt about it.

-The Blogging Beauty

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