Saturday, January 5, 2008

January Hot Beauty Finds.

I told you all this year was going to be way different, well here is something new, every month we will be having a Beauty finds of the month, posted here with cosmetics, bath, facial, and so much more when it comes to beauty. So be sure to check back every month for future finds.

need to ease your nerves ladies? Well look no further "The Princess Blend" by BOD, bath salts is a way for you to feel relaxed, and refreshed after a long hard day of work, feel like the princess you are.

Ingredients include: rose maroc w/ geranium and roman chamomile.

Available at: Upurea

For The Body: (after Bath)

Who doesn't love philosophy? and I mean that in more ways than one

I really love Philosophy's products because they do what they say, the show results in other words. This light, gentle fragrance d lotion will have you smelling and feeling good all over, all day.

Available at :

For The Face:
what does it do?

Play, applied before any special night out, energizes the skin, boosting the complexion to its utmost smoothness and radiance.
On the morning after, Rewind detoxifies the skin and awakens cells, resetting their natural rhythm. It helps to generate a natural, fresh glowing, rested appearance.

Really neat to have for a glam night out, just read the reviews.

Available at: SkinStore

For The Lips:

I told you Philosophy is the lip gloss shines, moisturizes, and conditions lips - all with a minty fresh flavor. the supernatural lip gloss is a high density formula, far more substantial than what you would expect from a gloss

So they say.....and they mean.....

Top 4 reasons why you need this lip gloss
1. your goal is to look more natural, more youthful
2. you want mistake proof color
3. you want soft, irresistible lips with perfect color
4. you want a gloss substantial enough to replace a lipstick

Available at: Skinstore

More to come in February.

Happy Shopping.

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