Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Trendy Candy Colored Dresses.

The soon to be in thing...if its not already, and really to me, I've always liked bright colors, which goes great with a tan complection, (any color does) , but anywho the new style I keep seeing more and more of, especially in sunny Miami is brights, so I have picked out a couple of cute dresses, (because dreeses is a spring / summer must have.


Im a freak for pink, especially hot pink, so when I saw this dress you know it was love at first sight. To me at least. They also have this is a vibrant sky blue color., you also can never go wrong with a yellow, which is probably the brightest out of bright colors you could wear.
Dresses from left to right : Spendid Tank Dress, Black Halo Detailed Bodice Dress in Marine Blue Black Halo Detailed Bodice Dress in Hot Pink. Silly note: The 3 colors above are colors that if you add black can make any color with the right parts. CMYK = Cyan , Magenta, Yellow, Kohl with those colors printers can print any color from them. Not in anyway imporant but thought I'de add something goofy but real in there.

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Rebecca - Shrugs said...

Good stuff! I continue to enjoy reading these posts.