Monday, January 7, 2008

Why Does Everyone Want To Be A Model?

Oh My Goodness, I am really so very tired of people wanting to be models, ok there is nothing wrong with making your dreams come true if that's what you want to be ( a model) but do you know how really hard models have it? Its not easy! I meet so many people everyday that tell me, you should be a model blah blah blah, yea yea yea, Ive been a model...well not any high fashion runway model, but in a couple of movies as an extra, (when they needed a pretty face) and a couple of music videos (nothing skanky).

But as I browse my friends, myspace pages all I see is these girls half naked talking about they are models.! I mean have some class why dont you. Yes I know there are different kinds of models, but I'm sorry someone who has to take there clothes off or barely have any on should not be calling thereself a model. Your a Nudists!! lol, You like the attention it brings you by the people who see you, but then again why should you have to take off your clothes to do so? Is the face really not all that pretty? Is that what you feel you have to do to get attention, then the females complain about the lo-life men in there look how you met them, look how they saw you, and

I'm sorry if this disrespects any female out there because you have to do what you have to do, but have some self respect for yourself. Because guys who give you all that attention just want one thing....not only that but they don't think the world of you as you would want your man to think. Then i see all these pictures of again, people calling thereself models when they are taking bootleg at home your a model sweetie you have a professional portfolio along with a resume.

To become a REAL industry model , you need to have a talent agent, (modeling agent) , a portfolio as referenced above, and an exotic look with the right measurements for your field.

I also think that "Americas Next Top Model " is a joke, because of all the seasons they had, along with the winners they had, I have not seen ONE female from that show, do anything big, well except EVA, she did apple bottom jeans....Big Woop....That's Urban Fashion, not High fashion, and last time i checked Tyra was a high fashion model, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyway I just had to vent that for a second, Its quite annoying to me. Not to mention all the people getting ripped off, trying to become a model, please people read in between the lines.
with that being said I am so going to get my beauty rest...


Nighty Night Night
-The Blogging Beauty

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