Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fashion Time Magazine Online

I came across this website by the editor himself, thanks Mister Ghost, the site is great by the way.

Fashion Time Magazine Online

Any who, its very well put together, its written predominately by women. The publisher Kamola Navo -- Navo is a Farsi word meaning "with pure melody" , is an award winning journalist from Tashkent, Uzbekistan who specializes in women's issues and fashion.

The great thing about this site, besides all the great information, celebrity gossip, what to wear, and outfit ideas, is the places to shop...WOW they have a long list, and I though I knew something, not only that but they have other fabulous blogs from around the world on your favorite subject FASHION.

I strongly suggest checking them out, I actually love everything about this site. Its up and coming , so be one of the first to join this growing community!

-The Blogging Beauty


Kamola Navo said...

Thanks a lot for a such nice review, i also liked your blog, stay in touch)

Mister Ghost said...

Hi Reina,
I echo what Kamola said. Thanks very much for the nice review. Good luck with your move to Wordpress.
Mister Ghost