Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I DID IT!!!!

Hey my lovely readers, I finally did it, I moved to worpress, well actually I have my own happpy..I havent posted anything lately because it still needs work, but tonight im going to start posting things, and working on the site a little bit more, please subscribe to the new blog, (just click on the rss feed button) you know what it looks like.

Anyway It's a happy day for me, I feel I accomplished something very big...

The Blogging Beauty <~~ is now live!

Please send me any feedback on the site, and I dont want to lose you all as readers, and if you have a blog please go the the contact page, and fill out the form so I can link your blog or website from mine . (im still working on my links page.)

Thank You all,

The Blogging Beauty

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